Please read some kind words from some of Jackie’s past (and present) pupils.

I have been under Jackie Barnes' tuition for over a year for DDI and currently DDE modern. Having a teacher who is part of the Modern Theatre Committee and an examiner gives you the best start to your teacher training; information is current and up-to-date. Jackie's vast knowledge and experience in teaching, examining and performing enables her to help you think differently about the way you teach and encourages you to draw on your own experiences, as a teacher or performer helping you have the confidence to put your ideas into practice, so when entering the exam room you are prepared for all questions! After a decade of performing in the West End it is exciting to have found a teacher who challenges and inspires you to be the best teacher you can be.


I can't thank Jackie Barnes enough for all that she has taught me. Her teaching combines expert technical knowledge with an incredible sense of performance, style & awareness of the industry. Her teaching skill & personality helps bring out the best in every student. She is patient, encouraging and inspiring - always helping you go further and further. Her classes are challenging, thorough but above all fun. She does everything with passion, dedication and a fantastic sense of humour!!


Jackie Barnes tutored me for 4 years, taking me through my DDI and DDE practical exams in Tap and Modern and also the observation units for both levels of qualification. I have learnt an incredible amount from Jackie and most recently went through an Ofsted inspection at work where I was so pleased that I was able to have a structured and professional conversation with them regarding the class I taught. There were so many cross-overs with what Jackie had taught me. I felt prepared and not flustered with having an inspector sitting in my class and I have Jackie to thank for that. I’ve loved training with Jackie so much that I want to do my Licenciate Tap with her too!


It was a pleasure working with you during my DDI and DDE course. You were very efficient and organised. Many Thanks for all you help and hard work.

Victoria Gill - Dance Teacher - IRELAND

Jackie Barnes tutored me through my CDE qualification now known as DDE. I found her not only to be a thoroughly professional person, but someone I could talk to; personally guiding me along the way to achieving a better understanding about myself as a teacher. I looked forward to each tutorial, gaining more depth of criteria to take away to my pupils. Jackie Barnes has such an extensive knowledge in her field that I would highly recommend her as a mentor to anyone wanting to pursue a teaching career, or to further your qualifications with the ISTD - you won't be disappointed. I look forward to continuing my licentiate studies with her very soon.


I almost can’t put into words what a fantastic tutor Jackie has been to me. I have had the pleasure to have her coach me through CDE Modern and Tap and then through my Licentiate. Along with a few others it was down to Jackie’s encouragement that I have made it to where I am now with my teaching career. The depth of knowledge she has is really inspiring, I thoroughly enjoyed all my tutoring sessions and classes with her and I always felt she got the best out of me. Jackie was incredibly supportive as a tutor as well, always there to help and advice with anything. I am so grateful to have had a tutor like Jackie as I know that it’s due to her amazing teaching that I have become the teacher I am today. A wonderful teacher who any aspiring teacher would be lucky to have as their tutor!


Jackie Barnes was a tutor on my DDP Level 6 Diploma is Dance Pedagogy for the Unit 4 Practical Unit. She was extremely inspiring and was very thorough, with everything she covered with us. Jackie made sure we were fully prepared for the examination to make it an enjoyable experience. We went in with free amalgamations, and presentations on biomechanics & trends, and she went the extra mile to coach us on these. Jackie will challenge you and make sure she gets the very best out of you. Her expertise, knowledge and experience is second to none. She enhanced my confidence as a teacher and I feel very lucky to have been taught by her and hope to be taught by her again in the future.

Georgina Wootten - ISTD DDP - Level 6 GRADUATE

I am proud to say that the students were in awe when Jackie Barnes introduced our Maltese students to the wonderful world of tap. You had them mesmerised. They could not stop talking about it. An exhilarating class with exceptional demonstration. Wonderful! We can only hope you can join us sometime soon on our island.

Lucienne Camilleri, DLS PRODUCTIONS. MALTA

I got my associate qualifications while I was at college at the age of 17, and in those days anyone that continued their qualifications were those that wanted to examine, not something I ever thought was for me. I've known Jackie Barnes for many years due to her being so heavily involved within the ISTD and every year at the ISTD Janet Cram Awards she would always ask me when I was going to continue my training. I always said I was too busy, but finally gave in. I never realised until I started working with Jackie how set in my ways I was as a teacher..... 16 years of teaching the same grades the same way, got the children good exam results but didn't help my students or myself grow. I am now working on my Licentiate training with Jackie, and if this means at some point carrying on to possibly apply to examine then brilliant, but at the moment I am finding the help and advice invaluable to both me and my students.

Leanda Shelton - HEAD OF DANCE The Company Performing Arts CLACTON ON SEA

I have worked with Jackie Barnes on the DDI and DDE units throughout my studying during 2014 & 2015. Jackie was always very clear with instruction and always worked with me to find a way to help me fully understand so that my work and teaching would improve. I am really grateful for everything that Jackie has taught me along the way and feel I have become a much better teacher because of it. Jackie also helped me to build my confidence when preparing for my final teaching assessment, giving me lots of hints and tips. Jackie is a fantastic teacher and I am so pleased that I got the chance to work with her whilst working towards my DDI and DDE qualifications!

Carla Gentry Principal of GENTRY PERFORMING ARTS

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