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Jackie is thrilled to have the following ISTD Approved Tutors on her ‘team’:

Jessica Morgan-Beale

Jessica is an established  ISTD Approved Tutor for the DDE qualification and is also the ISTD’s regional representative for Essex.

She holds Fellowship status in both the Modern Theatre & Tap Dance faculties.

In 2012 Jessica was awarded the Murielle Ashcroft Award at the ISTD Chichester Summer School and has taught at numerous ISTD Janet Cram Awards.

Jessica is pleased to be working alongside Jackie, as a Tutor in both Unit 4 – Dance Practice Courses in Modern Theatre & Tap as well as Unit 2 – Observing, Assisting & Teaching Practice.

Jessica trained with & completed her Teaching Practice Unit with Jackie.

This means that whichever Tutor they work with, all Jackie’s DDE students will be getting the same level of inspiration, advice and support.

Hayley Cheneler

Hayley is Principal of Cheneler School of Dance on West Sussex & a member of the Cecchetti Group Committee.

She is an ISTD Approved Tutor for DDE Units 1 (Preparing for Safe Teaching) & 5 (Social, Emotional & Cognitive Development) and works with Jackie at both Hildale Academy & Performers College.

Hayley’s experience in teaching a range of dance genres, from very young children to adults, is invaluable in helping student dance teachers understand the complexities of the 2 units.

Hayley is pleased to offer tuition to Jackie’s students through a one day Intensive Course, which is then backed up with support & guidance via email.

For Licentiate & Fellowship Courses

Jackie offers shared group & ‘one to one’ lessons for Licentiate / Fellowship Modern Theatre & Tap.

She arranges ‘workshops’ for her students with eminent educators such as: Lyn Richardson, Cathy Stevens, Jackie Hayward, Helen Green & Heather Rees.

“The help and advice Jackie offers is invaluable to both me and my students. ”

Leanda Shelton - Head of Dance The Company Performing Arts - Clacton

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